Line-To-Terminal Tackle Knots

Line-To-Line Knots

_Blood Knot

_Surgeon's Knot

_Nail Knot

_Albright Knot

Loop Knots

Double Line Leader Knot


One of the best knots for splicing two monofilament lines of similar diameter
– or for joining two dissimilar-diameter lines by doubling the lighter of the two.

(1) Overlap the two parallel lines
by 12 inches total. Take five wraps on one side and pull the end back through between the two strands.

(2) Repeat on the other side, pulling the other end through the strands in the opposite direction.

(3) Pull the two tag ends slowly to gather the knot, and

(4) once gathered neatly, pull the standing line to tighten the knot. Trim the tag ends.

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