Line-To-Terminal Tackle Knots

Line-To-Line Knots

_Blood Knot

_Surgeon's Knot

_Nail Knot

_Albright Knot

Loop Knots

Double Line Leader Knot


This is one of the most reliable means of joining two monofilament lines that are of
dissimilar diameter.

(1) Create a loop in the heavier
monofilament line. Pass about 10 inches
of lighter line through the loop.

(2) Take12 tight wraps back around the heavier strands and the standing portion
of the lighter line.

(3) Pass the tag end of the lighter line out
through the loop on the opposite side of
where it entered.

(4) Hold the two heavy mono strands
securely as you alternately pull on the tag
end and standing part of the lighter line to
begin tightening the knot.

(5) Seat the knot by pulling on the standing
parts of both lines. Trim the tag ends.