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Double Line Leader Knot

_Bimini Twist


The strongest loop knot of all — but also the most difficult to tie — the Bimini Twist is used to
create double line for pursuing strong saltwater fish with relatively light line. These directions
are for creating a double line of five feet or less. Two people may be required for anything longer.
You will need to practice this knot a lot to get it right.

(1) Measure a loop slightly more than
twice the footage you want for the double
line. Holding the standing line and tag end
together, twist the loop about 20 times.

(2) Sit down and put your legs into the loop
and apply outward pressure. At the same
time, pull out on the standing line and tag
ends to force the twists tightly together.

(3) Maintaining leg pressure, hold the
standing line in one hand with the tension
slightly off vertical. With the other hand,
move the tag end to a right angle from the
twists and gradually ease tension. The tag
line should begin to roll over the twists.

(4) Continue outward leg pressure on
the loop. Steer the tag end into a tight
downward spiral over the twists.

(5) Continue to maintain leg pressure once
the tag end reaches the bottom of the
twists. With the hand that has been holding
the standing end, place index finger in
crotch of line where loop joins knot to
prevent slippage of last turn. Take a half-
hitch with tag end around one strand of
the loop and pull it tight.

(6) With the half-hitch holding the knot, you
can release leg pressure, but keep the loop
stretched out. With the remaining tag end,
take a half-hitch around both strands of the
loop, but do not pull tight.

(7) Take two more turns around both
strands of the loop, winding inside the
bend of the line formed by the loose
half-hitch and toward the main knot.
Put the tag end through the bend of the
loose half-hitch created in step 6.

(8) Pull the tag end to gather and tighten
the loops around the main knot. Trim
the tag end.