Line-To-Terminal Tackle Knots

Line-To-Line Knots

Loop Knots

_Surgeon's End Loop

_Spider Hitch

_Dropper Loop

Double Line Leader Knot


One of the simplest and quickest ways of creating double lines for splicing to heavy leader material
or for tying directly to terminal tackle.

(1) Double the end of the main line to
form a loop, with the amount you double determining the size of the loop.
Tie an overhand knot.

(2) With the loop still open, bring the double line through again.

(3) Pull the standing line and loop in
opposite directions to gather and tighten
the knot. Trim the tag end.

Once this knot is tied, create a dropper by (4) snipping loop. Then, for drift fishing,
(5) use the shorter of the two strands for a weight, the other for a hook;
(6) vice versa for vertical presentations.

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